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The question of what technology dealing with Artificial Intelligence is doing to our cognitive patterns has been the subject of strong opinions but few robust studies. Some scholars claim that the brain has always been adapting to new tools. New neural patterns emerged when people began speaking, reading or writing. Digital tools and software code are just the next step, they say. Man is seen as his or her own maker — a maker of life through new tools and new practices enabled by those new tools.

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What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure | MindShift | KQED News

And stop stressing over how your daughter will do on next week’s quiz: instead, focus on what your daughter can learn if she does it all herself, without nagging and pestering and pressure. If she does indeed fail the quiz, she may be forced to ask herself what went wrong, and what she could do better next time.

Source: What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure | MindShift | KQED News

Education vs Learning – The Graph – Medium

Education is largely considered formal, a notion that shapes resources from the top down. Formalised education flows start with an institution that offers accreditation and then provides resources and groupings that meet that expressed goal. On the other hand learning starts with individuals and communities. The desire to learn, a natural desire, is often constructed as informal learning and comes from individuals or groups with interests, who may organise and access resources in pursuit of that interest.

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Instead of Focusing on Passion, Focus on Consistency

“Some of us are willing to pursue something we love, even if it means less time for loved ones and undergoing financial or emotional strain. Others place a priority on a comfortable and stable lifestyle, so we’re willing to perform mundane tasks if it provides the means to what we want.

Being passionate about something shouldn’t be the sole requirement for choosing what you want to do. It’s about accepting the benefits and trappings of your work before making a commitment.”

Source: Instead of Focusing on Passion, Focus on Consistency