Get Motivated At Work

This is, once again, another posting of mine on my other Blog, posted on December 22nd 2009.

Motivation? What does this single word mean exactly? How can we get it? Where can we find it? Why should we be motivated? Maybe all those questions represent the curiosities of ours whenever we are faced to the word that is so easy to be told yet too hard to be maintained. Short definition from Wikipedia about motivation is the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior. I personally believe that motivation is a spirit, a spirit of commitment, a spirit of goal-seeking, a spirit of mind-settling, a spirit of triumph-achieving, a spirit which keeps someone alive in his/her struggle against everything he/she hate toward everything he/she dreams about.

Motivation shall be in every state of ours, stay in our routines, walk along our days at work, and even stick to our every step. Particularly at work, many people often lose their motivation due too many factors. We’re not going to discuss the factors; we’re only to talk about the motivation. Working environment demands high concentration and superb strength to remain in the competitive world. Being unmotivated will surely put us in a state of ready to get dumped and abandoned, that’s why first priority for workers is to maintain their motivation, thus they will be able to plan their best, do their best, and at last, achieve their best.

Despite many kinds of motivation owned by other people including money, status, or maybe just activities to cast away spare time, to me family is the first come to me when I talk about motivation. It seems that I will to do everything for my family, especially for my beloved daughter. I believe that some of you out there have the same motivation like I do have. Well, how to get motivated at work using family as the core object? Not too hard and not too easy as well. We have to visualize our family in every single action we do at work, every single plan we make, and every single struggle we aim. This is not too hard as we love them, so carrying them in our mind is not a matter. However, this is also not too easy, since we often get too touchy by the family’s illusion. This family stuff often puts us in a state of “doing everything the way we like”. I guess that’s not the point why we must stick to our family. The motivation is something that supposed to lift the potential not to burry all the spirit. No offense or a mean to be harsh, but that’s a family for. Support us not destroy our support!


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