This is also my old posting on my other Blog, posted on December 25th 2009.

A marvelous man, known better as a Network Builder in a great Networking and Multi Product Institution, one day said in his recorded speech in a CD that “If you’re expecting something different by always doing the same thing, It’s Insane!” What’s the point here? Well, let’s just conclude that result is based on effort. If we do one effort with one way, we’ll certainly have one typical result. If we manage two or three efforts with one way we’ll possibly get two or three quite good result. But, why don’t we do a try to make one effort with several or many different ways, we’ll probably be shocked seeing the amazing result.

Some of us, or maybe most of us, often do the usual thing, the daily routines which is categorized under the “one effort” and always hope for the best result in return. “If we want to have something different, than do something differently!”. This apparently can be implied in almost all aspects of life. If we seek for the Manager position in our job-field, the common thing is to wait for the promotion after quite long years of evaluation. However, the different way is to break the limit of the common thing by doing something different (in a good and proper meaning of course) from most people act. Giving solutions to company’s matters, not complaining with our silly whining, is one of them. Coming forward to state an idea, rather than sitting nicely to be a “cute listener”, will obviously puts ur name into credit. We’re not trying to cut down the promotion phase, we’re just accelerating the speed of the promotion towards us.

We shall translate the phrase above to be elaborated in our typical movements and thoughts in order to create a great condusive and enjoyable working environment which will always encourage us to stick to our dreams, our goals, and our achievements to be!


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