The Place Where She Was Born

This post is dedicated to my only one beloved Princess Nada, my daughter, a 5-going-6 year old adorable little girl, who always finds new ideas to play and create a play.

The UIN Hospital, the place where my Princess Nada was born (June 2nd, 2008)...
The UIN Hospital, the place where my Princess Nada was born (June 2nd, 2008)…

I scanned this drawing of hers few days ago without her noticing. She gloriously showed me the drawing few weeks before and i just kept it inside my personal folder. I love her,  I simply love everything about her and I intend to keep everything she shows me as my own memorabilia about her. She’s the Princess of my life, the one i share my biggest love to.

Her name is ‘Aisyah Nada Khairiyah Darlianto. We call her Nada. She was born in Jakarta at Syarif Hidayatullah Hospital in Ciputat, southern part of Jakarta. The image of the place where she was born is actually the drawing. She was told by my wife the story of her coming to this world, the exact location where the process took place, plus all the preliminary stories about the pregnancy 🙂 She just love the story, she keeps asking for the story to be told again and again before she goes to bed. Simply got no idea why a little girl like her adore such story.

However, back to her drawing. She meticulously drew the position of each room mentioned by my wife. I don’t care about the coloring scheme, all that matters to me is her imagination developing the story, picturing it in an image. She interpreted the story into a real re-creation. Now I realize how she’s so talented as a designer 🙂 I’ll keep posting (though not that often) about her works and creation later on.


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