Training for Primary School Teachers

I am surely curious about how Ms. Anshoriyah (people call her Ms. Aan) will deliver her speech today (since it’s already Monday when I started writing this post) at Monday flag ceremony at the school (an integrated-Islamic-school in Cipondoh, Tangerang). Being “Pembina Ucara” is probably a routine for all the teachers there and I believe they don’t have any hesitation at all to do such action. What so special about today’s event is that she’ll give her speech in English!

Yes, I challenged them to practice. I challenge them to even boost their existing self confidence. I challenged them to show their students that they’re more than ready to apply what they’ve got from English training with me for the last three weeks. Like most Indonesian with their great shyness, most teachers there accepted the challenge yet they asked one teacher whose English they considered “great” (for local graduates who’s not coming from English-related major) and they picked Ms. Aan as the one who should start the pilot project.

She’s a local graduate from State Islamic University of Syarif Hidayatullah in Ciputat. She took Islamic Education as her major. However, what so surprising about her is her English. Despite her minor lacking in grammar, the way she speaks is remarkable. Her pronunciation is great. not even me thought that she’s not English major graduate. She’s a mother to a kid and she’s been a teacher there for quite a long time. I simply don’t know what the policies at the school are but she handles English as her subject at the school! I like her spirit in learning as well as I admire all the teachers’ eagerness to learn more about English conversation through my training.

Last night, at around 6 or something, She sent me her speech draft for the flag ceremony through email. I was a bit shocked. Not because of the simple words she wrote but due to the awesome draft she has arranged. Great job, Ma’am! So, at the end, I just needed to correct some minor grammatical mistakes on her speech, thank God 🙂 I was just wondering if later on I can get a record of her delivering the words in front of all her students and colleagues at the ceremony. That should be a great tool to support my next week training there.

The school is now trying to apply the English environment in its daily activities and administration events. The foundation owners has this great dream that one day the school is not becoming a spare choice for parents for their kids’ education, instead, they’ll recommend the school as the first choice to improve the kids’ skill in English language environment and religious homey school. Amazing dream, Sir, indeed!

Can’t wait to hear the event report from the principal and Ms. Aan herself. I’ll post what they inform later. Hopefully, the record will be available. Now, resting time to welcome the upcoming hectic Monday morning!


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