My Dearest Princess Nada

Seems that My Princess Nada felt a bit jealous (though she never said a word about the state) after seeing her younger sister falling asleep easily due to my lullaby (which used to be the one to accompany her sleep), so tonight, she arranged her bed next to mine, asking her Mom to sing her my lullaby, but it turned out, she “indirectly” asked me using her cuddling under the blanket and being in her silence 🙂 so, yes, after a short talk, i sang her “the legendary lullaby” and, yes, she fell asleep, easily…. Nak, Nak, you will always be my dearest little girl, no matter what 🙂


Happy Birthday to My Beloved PRINCESS NADA

You were born on this day 9 years ago, sweetheart. Up to now, having you is truly a bless for me. Looking at your smiles and laughter is always the best cure to all my sorrows. Being your Dad is surely the best gift a father could ever have.

Usia Nada sekarang bertambah satu tahun, Nak. InsyaAllah dengan bertambah panjang umur, Nada sehat wal aafiat selalu, bertambah kecerdasan dan ilmu pengetahuan, bertambah kemurahan rizqi yang berkah, semakin memperoleh kemudahan dalam semua usaha mencapai cita-cita, dan insyaAllah selalu dalam lindungan Allah SWT ya, sayang… Love you, sweetheart!

Innovation as Behavior – Aaron Grill – Medium

The Social Networking, apparently caused a situation where most students (or, allow me to say, most children) think that the world is only inside the media, limiting their will to explore the real world of the earth. You did mention some works to be conducted in order to minimize such effect! Thank you for opening my eyes, Sir! 🙂

Social Networking has now possibly surpassed our young students understanding of networking as a whole, as they are very adept at meeting a new friend online through another friend and striking up a conversation around a topic of interest.

Source: Innovation as Behavior – Aaron Grill – Medium

Applying Emotional Intelligence to Marketing

I couldn’t help sharing this one. Such a great admonition!

Marketers must be able to identify the emotions of the target audience beyond the AI, analytics and data, then execute strategies and tactics that apply this emotional intelligence to motivate their target to take action.


Credit to: Jamie Glass


Tapping Teachers’ Intrinsic Motivation to Develop School Improvements | MindShift | KQED News

A theory of action connects the action of a teacher to the expected effect on students. Four of the theories were whole-school changes — things like having high expectations and positive relationships, focusing on inquiry and building curiosity, protocols for what teachers are working on and what students should be learning — and the other six were teacher-specific changes (things like framing higher-order questions, connecting feedback and data, and committing to assessment for learning).

Source: Tapping Teachers’ Intrinsic Motivation to Develop School Improvements | MindShift | KQED News